Content marketing is a universal marketing tool that is used to create quality materials that will be of interest to your target audience. Thanks to content marketing you become known in the market, form the right image of the brand, establish a dialogue with the clients, become an expert in your field, and consequently – increase sales. Content is all information on your website and in the emails that you send to clients, commercial offers and other texts, photos, audio, video and infographics.

What are the business objectives of content marketing?

  • Formation of loyalty to the brand. Those who come to your website pay attention to the quality of content. The better the content, the easier it is to win the trust of the audience.
  • Attracting the target audience. Useful content will keep visitors on your site and help strengthen your position in organic range.
  • Formation of brand reputation. Content marketing will form a positive opinion about your company, will help you stand out among competitors as an expert in your field.
  • Promotion of the site in Google. Quality texts are better ranked by search engines.
  • Reducing the cost of promotion. Thanks to regular organic traffic, you reduce the cost of advertising and SEO-promotion.
  • Sales growth. Quality design of the site will attract customers to you and increase the conversion of sales.

What is included in the content marketing services?

In working with content, two areas can be identified: writing texts and page layout. The price of content marketing services will depend on what model of work you will choose. To achieve maximum results, we have prepared a list of questions for business owners.

The content creation work includes:

  • Content audit, competitor analysis.
  • Definition and segmentation of the target audience.
  • Preparation of a brief with key questions.
  • Creating a strategy and content plan.
  • Creation of technical specifications for copywriters.
  • Editing of texts, making corrections.

Layout work  includes:

  • Editing and proofreading of texts.
  • Content placement and structuring.
  • Selection of images, creation of infographics.
  • Search and selection of video materials.
  • Interlinking.

Who needs content marketing?


To conquer the market with new projects, content marketing is simply necessary. It will allow you to stand out from the competition.

Information sites

To stand out in the flow of information on the network, you need to regularly generate high-quality, unique content.

Corporate Websites

Quality content will increase the level of loyalty to the company and will form a positive image of the brand.

Online Stores

A qualitative description of the goods will help your website stand out from competitors.

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