External SEO-optimization of the site

External SEO-optimization of the site

Once you have some names, go online and search for your competition’s websites using a search engine such as Google or Bing and business directory websites, such as Yelp, Thumbtack and Photography Central. Also research the main social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Enter pertinent keywords such as portraits, children, baby, newborn, seniors, teens, family and event photography. Use additional keywords in your search such as the town, city, county, state or region. When you do those searches, take note of the portrait photographer websites that come up on the first and second pages. These photographers have done their homework to be sure that their websites are being seen, and if they also have paid advertising that indicates that they are doing well with getting new customers.

One way to research other photographers in your area is to ask friends and family what local photographers they have hired for their portraits. You can also go to your local camera store and talk to the staff about their customers who offer portrait photography services.

Pricing Strategies for Portrait Photographers

You can start external SEO-optimization after the work on internal optimization is finished. Thanks to external optimization you increase the number of times your site is mentioned in external resources. Search engines take into account the quality and number of links when ranking the site in the search. The technical tasks for external optimization are performed outside the resource.

External SEO-optimization includes:

  1. Analysis of the links’ profile and profiles of competitors.
  2. Registration of a site in thematic catalogs (for example, Google My Business)
  3. Work with link brokers. Exchanging and purchasing of links to increase your site’s citations.
  4. Promotion via social networks.
  5. Work with thematic catalogs. Publishing of articles on thematic sites with a link to your company.
  6. Promotion via PR-channels. Publication of press releases, articles in the media and partner blogs.
  7. Work with feedback.


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