Logo design

Logo design

A logo is a graphic image of the company, the basis of its corporate style. A well-designed logo will help your company stand out among competitors. Recognizable logo entails increasing the memorability of the company. A logo is an important element of the corporate style concept.

Logos can be:

  • Graphical
  • Text or font
  • Combined

A well-designed logo looks good in any size, both on an advertising banner, and on a small business card. All the elements of the logo must be combined and match each other.

What is a perfect logo?

  • Relevant. The stylistic image on the logo should be related to the scope of the company’s activities
  • Simple and straightforward. Even with a quick glance at the logo, a client should understand that he is dealing with a worthy company
  • Harmonious. The colors of the logo should be well perceived by a person
  • Durable. Even years later, you will not need to rebrand

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