Ideas without execution...are just ideas

When it comes to website development, businesses take such foolish risks.

They bring budgets that are too low to projects that are too difficult. They send their money to an offshore developer that they’ve never met nor could properly vet. They gamble their hopes against the odds just to save a buck. Sad to say, it rarely works out.

The result is often a site that doesn’t work; that’s delivered months late, if at all.

The truth is that programming complex web applications is difficult, and e9digital specializes in working with businesses that have website projects that are too important to fail.

That means you’ll get careful planning; flawless programming and tenacious quality assurance; you’ll get execution and a website that works.

– Fabric search engine – done!
– Encrypted file sharing app – done!
– Business lending portal – done!
– Networking management app – done!

Now that you’ve got the idea of what we 

Don’t hate the game; hate the player…or in this case, the inept web developer who created that crappy WordPress site. The reality is WordPress is a rock solid, content management system (CMS) that should be the foundation of most marketing websites. In fact, in the hands of capable web developers, like go.on.[ro, there’s virtually nothing that can’t be done with it.

In the end, you shouldn’t be choosing the web platform. You should be choosing the right web developer that will choose the right platform for you.

Magento. Shopify. WooCommerce.

What do these terms mean? Money.

The only question … is the money coming in or going out?

Choosing as your ecommerce web development team means that you will make one investment and then your ecommerce website project will be completed correctly, the first time.

And then that leaves you only one problem: How are you going to spend your new found wealth?