SEO analysis

SEO analysis

SEO-audit is a site analysis on a number of structural and technical parameters. The goal of the analysis is to find out how the site meets the modern requirements of search engines and what the chances are for the company to get to the first page of organic search.

SEO-audit consists of two stages:

  1. External audit. Link mass analysis
  2. Internal audit of the site. Finding the mistakes that prevent the site from optimization.

What tasks does SEO analysis solve?

  1. Increasing traffic and increasing conversion. The better your site is in terms of SEO, the more search engines will like it. As a result, the site is shown to users more often, and the conversion is growing.
  2. The site’s position in search engines becomes higher. Elimination of errors raises the site by several points in the search results.
  3. Saving the budget. A properly configured website is promoted without involving additional costs. You do not need to invest a large budget in advertising.
  4. Increasing loyalty. A quality website attracts the audience.
  5. Protection against blocking. If the site does not meet the requirements, it may fall under the sanction of search engines.

What is included in the SEO-analysis of a site?

  • Checking the visibility of the site in search engines, speed of page downloading, cross-browser compatibility, adaptability
  • Integration of the site with social networks
  • The presence of robots.txt and sitemap.xml, checking whether the analytics systems are switched on
  • Duplicate pages, page 404
  • Checking the Description and Title meta tags, the presence of keywords
  • Text structure
  • The uniqueness of texts, the frequency of occurrence of key words
  • Analysis of link mass, quality and number of links
  • Donor sites analysis
  • Recommendations for further work with the site

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