Internal SEO-optimisation of the website

Internal SEO-optimisation of the website

Internal SEO-optimization of a site is necessary so that the site is better indexed in search inquiries. Modern algorithms of Google work are becoming more complicated, so you need to monitor all the trends to properly optimize your resource. Our agency follows modern trends and uses only actual methods of websites’ promotion.

Why your site needs internal SEO optimization

The optimized site is better ranked by search engines and is displayed in higher positions based on key searches. Thus, you will attract more of your target audience, increase traffic to the site and, accordingly, increase sales of goods or services. If you create a site not for yourself, but for people, then internal SEO optimization is just necessary. Adaptation for search engines is the best marketing tool.

What a set of works on internal SEO optimization includes:

  1. Checking the site for usability. Good content is important for the site, but user-friendly interface is no less important.
  2. Creation of the semantic core. Includes a list of key queries and their morphological forms. If the site already has a semantic core, then we carry out technical improvements.
  3. Creating a site map. Helps to find any article on your site quickly.
  4. Internal interlinking. Connecting site’s pages via links. Thanks to this a user stays on your site longer and this affects the ranking in search engines positively.
  5. Creating a robots.txt file. This file contains information about which pages may be indexed.
  6. Working with content. Careful analysis of all texts, checking for uniqueness. If this is necessary, we write new unique texts for your resource. For better site ranking, texts should be useful for users.
  7. Filling meta tags (Title, Description)
  8. Optimization of images. Customizing the ALT tag for maximum image optimization.

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