SMM promotion

SMM promotion

It’s no secret that business companies use social networks to promote their services and make sales. To date, SMM-promotion is one of the most effective channels for brand promotion, increasing loyalty of the audience and, as a result, increasing sales.

SMM is not a one-off action, but systematic work with the audience, establishing connection with potential buyers, and creating a “human” presence of the company. SMM-promotion is based on the creation of useful, unique content that is interesting and demanded by users of social networks.

Advertising in social networks is very effective, primarily due to the high involvement of users in the communication process. Nevertheless, the creation of a successful viral advertisement is not an easy task, which only a specialist can perform.

Our specialists have a wide experience of promotion in social networks, applying their own experience and the developments of the best specialists in this field. We have an individual approach to each client, nevertheless there are general rules that we use in each project:

  1. We study competitors of your brand in social networks.
  2. Define the goals and objectives of the promotion.
  3. We determine in what social networks promotion will be carried out in order for it to be the most effective.
  4. We study the general tone of the pages, the ways of communicating with the audience and its involvement.
  5. We create communities in social networks and select a specialist who will deal with your project. After that we develop a page design.
  6. We promote your brand in social networks within the agreed time period . We create and run targeted ads.

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