Marketing strategy

Marketing strategy

The company’s marketing strategy is a document in which a set of marketing activities is identified that must be carried out in order to obtain the desired results. The marketing strategy includes:

  • The portrait of the target audience and the market on which the company will operate;
  • Products that meet the needs of the target audience;
  • The values of your brand, understandable to the consumer, basic USPs;
  • The price segment in which you will work;
  • Channels for the promotion of goods or services;
  • Sales channels.

How we create marketing strategies

  1. We get acquainted with the company and its services / goods.
  2. Create a portrait of the target audience.
  3. Define the specifics of the brand.
  4. We create a USP and the main messages of advertising campaigns.
  5. We analyze competitors.
  6. We define advertising channels and promotion tools.
  7. We recommend which business processes you should use.
  8. We create a list of resources for implementing the marketing strategy (promotional materials and tools).

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